The Importance of Rustic Furniture

The Importance of Rustic Furniture

What makes something important, anyway? We can go back to the dictionary to find that the word means “value or significance,” but that doesn’t help much. In reality, importance is a completely subjective description. An item may be significant for its emotional value, its monetary worth or the contribution it makes to an overall picture. Those who choose rustic furniture for their home will find that their pieces can be important for any of those reasons.

We’ve already discussed monetary worth, but the other qualities are all tied to the look and style of a well-built piece or collection of rustic furniture. After all, a room is just a room, but an impeccably designed room carries an outsized importance in determining the appearance, style and livability of a home. And the stunning look of high-quality rustic wood furnishings unquestionably creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation, whether it’s because of their natural look, emotional ties to happy and peaceful time spent in the outdoors, or the beautiful counterpoint they provide to the assembly-line, cookie-cutter furniture seen in nearly every other house.

A living and dining area decorated with pieces like a rustic coffee table, rustic desk and rustic dining table – and accented with nature-inspired rugs, wall coverings and window treatments that bring the wide-open feeling or rugged spirit of the great outdoors into your living space – can make the area where you spend the bulk of your time the most important part of your home.

One of the best ways to delay the shock of another day in the hectic “real world” is to wake up in the morning in a comforting haven filled with rustic bedroom furniture, and then showering, shaving or putting on makeup in a welcoming environment surrounded by rustic bathroom vanities and mirrors. And even a single piece of unique rustic furniture, used as an accent in an otherwise “ordinary” room, can make you happy every time you see it. In the everyday lives most of us lead, there’s no way to undervalue the importance of small pleasures like that.

Another element which can add even more to the wonderful aesthetics of rustic furniture is reclaimed wood. A finely-crafted piece built from recycled wood elevates the distinctiveness of the rustic look into an entirely new dimension, with a character impossible to recreate from new wood of any origin. To reuse a description we included earlier, a coffee table is useful. A rustic coffee table is useful and makes a definite design statement. But a table made from reclaimed wood also evokes visions of the barn, log home or rural structure the wood originally came from; it takes the importance and meaning of the piece to a new level.
There’s one more type of importance to consider: the environmental importance of reclaimed wood furniture. Crafting pieces from recycled wood helps prevent the deforestation that depletes our natural resources, damages the biodiversity of the environment and contributes to climate change. It also saves the energy required to fell and transport trees, and process them for the manufacture of new wood furniture.

The Importance of Rustic Furniture
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